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I'm not a yoga professional, but I do love a good stretch and relaxation. While I work, I take small breaks to do a little fitness and get my mind rolling again. Most of you who work on computers probably understand that moment when your brain just feels a little dead... staring at a screen 10+ hours can do that to you. Usually, I do my work wearing some type of activewear in order to inspire myself to take those needed breaks. I've gotten to know a few brands over the last couple of years who are taking this category of clothing to a whole other level - a conscious one that is. Because honestly.. how can you truly relax knowing your leggings were made in poor conditions? 


United in Practice, We Unite the World

This ethical yoga brand is about much more than the garment itself. It's about giving back, too. 10% of all their sales are donated to fund yoga for at-risk youth. We've heard the benefits of yoga, and this is why many of us strive to find time in the day to practice. It makes total sense to offer these types of programs to those who may be more vulnerable since yoga teaches you self-care and helps you find your inner self. It's also known to reduce stress and build confidence {you can read more about kids and yoga here}. To see a yogawear line take the extra step {or pose, shall I say?}, and reach out to those who could gain from the experience is just so awesome in my books. 

I'm wearing the Dhyāna Yoga Tank made right here in the States {Southern California} out of MicroModal - so yeah, it's super soft and perfect for meditating in ;) OM Matters believes in using materials with minimal impact and manufacturing close to home. The graphic was designed by international artist Stina Persson. Doesn't the use of watercolor and deep earthy colors paint a peaceful setting in your mind? Also, I LOVE the length - long enough to go over the leggings!! 

Dhyāna is profound meditation, and the 7th limb of the 8 limbs of yoga. I feel as if I learned a deeper meaning to the practice of yoga by reading the Yoga Practice Cards. Not only do the cards explain each limb of the Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga, they give you an example of how you can practice it in your everyday life. My favorite? Limb 5.. you will have to get yourself a deck to find out why!


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Ananda Soul takes pride throughout the entire supply chain. Their commitment to ethical design and eco-minded production is contagious. The calmness, the beauty and the positivity is empowering! Besides being good to the people involved with their products, Ananda Soul takes it a step further and seeks to employ underprivileged mothers of street children in Bali so that they are able to put their children through school and break the cycle of poverty. 


This a more of a store rather a brand - Agathos Athleisure is n online marketplace for activewear brands that are ethical, sustainable, fair trade, organic, or philanthropic. They want us to look good from yoga class to farmer's market all the while shopping guilt free! Who knew activewear could be sustainable AND this fun?! Agathos Athleisure has a handful of great brands under one roof. 


NEVAwear is activewear that empowers & their inspirational embroidery is the perfect encouragement during your work out or adventure. They coin the term "fitanthropic”, a mash up of philanthropic and fitness wear. They are all about looking good, feeling good and doing good. All their products are made in the US and embroidered by women all over the world who are in need of work to care for their families.


Chicago-based Fibre Athletics takes transparency seriously, and because of this all manufacturing is done {ethically} in the USA. Plus, they are a Chicago Fair Trade member so you can feel confident in how the materials are chosen and sewn. They make sure to only use low-impact dying processes which require less water and produces bolder, long-lasting colors. In order to minimize their carbon footprint & support healthy farming, they source recycled and organic fibers for their fabrics. 


If you are someone who is continuously striving to lessen waste, you may want to support the brands who are seriously cleaning up this planet. Wolven Threads is taking discarded plastic bottles and making some of the coolest swimwear I've ever seen. For this LA-based brand, creating less waste and promoting a more conscious lifestyle {inside & out} is the heart of their business. Their patterns are inspired by nature's amazing use of geometry, with colors pulled from Indian art & yoga roots.


Free-spirited, unique, beautiful & comfortable - these are just a few words which come to mind when describing Sundari. The name "Sundari" even means beautiful in Sanskrit, the primary sacred language of Hinduism. This conscious clothing label is made to coincide with your holistic lifestyle and is inspired by travels, cultures, religions and people met along the way.


Their basic leggings and legwarmers are super soft and travel well! Encircled is a Canadian based sustainable clothing brand who creates for the stylish traveler {& your everyday busy body!}. 



If you like some comfy plain tees for yoga, they have you covered! EcoVibe's collection focuses on environmentally conscious fabrics like modal, tencel, bamboo and recycled fabric blends. 


This ethical online shop houses a ton of great brands under one roof. Their section featuring activewear has some pretty prints and fun sportsbras if you prefer those to tees! 



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