I LOVE to read books!  REAL books!  You know, the ones that you can hold in your hands, turn each page, underline those really good parts.  I also love reading books that teach me something and help me grow.  When I have a problem, want to learn something new or get inspired I go searching for a book.   Books have inspired me in many ways such as new places to travel to, how to open my heart and shift my perspective on many things.  I have read several books that have added something positive in my life.  But here are 3 of my favorite books I’d like to share with you in hopes that you may reap some of the benefits too!

Dying to be Me

by Anita Moorjani

I recently discovered Anita and I am mesmerized by her.  In her first book, Dying to be Me, she shares her story of fighting cancer and her near death experience where she crossed to the “other realm.” While her time in the other realm was peaceful and pain-free, she chose to return and was instantly healed.  Her healing was documented by several doctors who were completely shocked and perplexed by what had transpired and could not explain her recovery. 

I’m typically not drawn to these types of stories, but what drew me in was her description of the “other realm.”  She shared that she experienced pure unconditional love and the importance of self-love.  She also realized that there was no separation between her and everything else---everything is interconnected ---“we are one thread in the greater tapestry of life.”  This belief ties exactly with the yoga philosophy I have studied and what I believe to be true.  It is the message I try to promote with OM Matters: We are all one and our actions do matter! 

With this new perspective of life, Anita shares how important it is to love ourselves unconditionally and to focus on “being” instead of “doing.”  To let our emotions guide us.  Be driven by passion, not by fear. 

This book gave me:  1) peace and comfort about the “afterlife;” and 2) motivation to make it a priority to love myself and to treasure life.

Buddhism Without Beliefs

by Stephen Batchelor

A few years back, I was studying yoga and Buddhism philosophies with my yoga and meditation teacher. This was one of a few books she recommended we read together to enhance our dharma studies.  It is amazing how much more insight you attain when you read a book with someone else, either a teacher or a friend, or in my case, both.  One of the things I appreciated about Stephen’s view on Buddhism is that it’s a way of life and not a religion, hence the title of the book.  Stephen presents that Buddha never consider himself a god and his teachings don’t include worshiping a god.  Rather Buddha’s teachings outline a personal practice one can follow to live a peaceful and fulfilling life---“an authentic way of being in the world.”  Buddha also shared that “awakening” is attainable now and to everyone.  By following Buddha’s path each person has the means to be “awakened.”  Stephen outlines Buddha’s path and the benefits of following this path which include freedom, imagination and creativity and creating “a more awakened and compassionate society.”

This book gave me: 1) the understanding that Buddhism is an accessible path for all of us to be awakened here and now; and 2) the motivation to experience Buddha’s teachings for myself.

Ask and it is Given

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

This is one of those books that I keep handy so I can reread certain sections when I need a little guidance or positive inspiration.  Ask and it is Given delivers a more in-depth teachings of the Law of Attraction: “Things of like vibration are drawn to each other.”  This book is a joy to read.  In fact, one of its main messages is about joy.  That life is meant to be joyful and that there is power in feeling good (very similar to what Anita Moorjani shares in her book, Dying to be Me).  It guides us on how we can create this joy in our lives.  With our emotions we are able to navigate and manifest anything we desire or---things we don’t desire.  That’s why it is import for us to take care of ourselves, because the better we feel, the more we attract good feelings to ourselves.  That’s the Law of Attraction.  I highly recommend every book, podcast, workshop, etc. this team has produced!

This book gave me: 1) the knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the tools to implement it; and 2) a shift in my perspective to focus on the things I want to attract, not on the things I don’t want to attract.  To concentrate on the positive outcome instead of worrying about what if I don’t get want I want.  A very important lesson!   

I hope these books are inspiring to you!  Happy reading!

P.S. - Please note that I don't receive any income from referring these books.  My benefit is solely to inspire you to live your life to its fullest!  Namaste.

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