During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been exhausted when Friday finally arrives---is it just me?  How are you handling the transition of the world opening up again?  Even though I still work at home, it just seems that the workload and overall busyness has intensified.  If you are going back to the office and/or your kids are going back to the classroom, life is even more crazy for you!

Stress is an energy that ebbs and flows in us.  The good news is that there are ways we can help move it out of our systems quicker.  To help you unwind from the work week I created  this Friday Night Ritual.  It consists of 3 free mindfulness practices designed to help you release stress and calm your nerves so you can feel lighter, freer and happier.  Give yourself permission to leave all the work stuff at work (or your home office) and enjoy your weekend with family and friends! 


The Friday Night Ritual

The 3 exercises in this ritual will help you purge negativity from your mind, body and soul.  Negative energy doesn’t just stay in your thoughts, it affects your body and soul as well.  I know when I’m stressed, I can actually feel the tension and stiffness in my body.   Give yourself about 30 minutes to complete all 3 exercises below, but if you have more time to dedicate to yourself, TAKE IT!



The goal is to cleanse your mind of all the stress from the work week.  Grab 2 blank sheets of paper and find a quiet space to sit.  Start with taking one sheet of paper, set your timer for 2 minutes and write down all the negative thoughts and feelings you have in your head---vent all your frustrations onto paper.  This is similar to adding an item to your “to-do” list---once you write it down you don’t think about it anymore because you know you can refer to it later.  The only difference is that you won’t be referring back to these notes.  Instead after your 2 minutes is up, I want you to rip up all that negativity and throw it out!

Then take the second sheet of paper, set your timer for another 2 minutes and jot down all the things that you are grateful for.  Now that you mind is clear of the week’s frustrations you are able to focus on positive thoughts.


In this exercise the goal is to further cleanse your mind while cleaning your body.  Take a long, hot shower and while you are washing your body envision any remaining negative energy or tension washing off and down the drain! The hot water will also help ease the tension in your body.  Many of us hold tension in our neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.  Spend a little more time on these areas, massaging them and sending positive energy toward those areas.  (I am a huge fan of taking baths, but figuratively, that conveys a sense of wallowing in your negativity instead of rinsing it away!)


While a morning meditation practice is ideal for cultivating a positive start to your day, meditating after work is also a great way to transition into the evening.  For this meditation, set up your space with a soothing aromatic candle and healing crystals---such as Celestite---that support your connection to the divinity in you.  Then, mentally set an intention for the feelings you want to evoke for your weekend.  Such as "I intend to experience peace and joy this weekend" or "I intend to have loving and caring experiences with my family."  Set your timer for a 15 meditation sit and enjoy. 

I hope you enjoy this Friday Night Ritual and may your weekend be filled with love and laughter with friends and family!

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