The foundation of a yoga practice is ahimsā which directs us to non-harming.  We avoid doing harm to ourselves, to others, to animals and our environment.  After all, we are all interconnected. Using ahimsā as our grounding point, our intent at OM Matters is to create a business that exemplifies these teachings of yoga. One way to be non-harming is to be kind to our environment. Which is why we use eco-friendly materials in manufacturing all our products and we source, manufacture, and package everything in America. 

Here are 3 reasons your purchase of American-made products matters:

  1. It Lowers the Carbon Footprint - Products made overseas have a higher carbon footprint than American-made goods because significantly more greenhouse gas emissions are produced in order to ship them all the way to America. Buying American-made products helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

  2. It’s Cleaner for the Environment - American manufacturers are legally required to follow strict regulations in order to protect the environment. These regulations do not exist in most of the top countries manufacturing and importing goods into America causing substantial pollution. Buying American-made products helps prevent environmental abuse around the globe.

  3. It Reduces the Use of Un-Fair Labor Practices – Sadly, child labor and exploitative working conditions exist in many countries. Here in America we have labor laws that support the health and welfare of workers and their families. Buying American-made products helps support our communities here at home.

We are conscious of how our actions affect our world, and we are always thinking of new ways we can improve upon our process. We have made an “Ahimsā Promise” to you which means that every product you buy from OM Matters will be made in America using eco-friendly materials and practices.

Together we can make a difference!


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