People are innately filled with love and have giving hearts.  That’s why there are so many grass roots donation centers popping up across the country to help out the hurricane victims in Houston and soon in Florida.  Plus the donations are flowing in from people around the world!  It’s so helpful for us to hear about stories of compassion, bravery and generosity and not just about the devastation.  The beautiful acts of kindness fuel us to stay motivated and inspire others to take action too.  Here are a few heartfelt examples of kindness that inspired me to donate and get involved.  I hope they inspire you and if you can and feel so inclined, please help out with one or more of them too.

Southside Skatepark

Based in Houston this skateboard park and skate shops turned their facility into a donation center with their #icleanedoutmyclosetforhouston campaign.  The Skatepark team and community volunteers are working tirelessly accepting donations, sorting and getting them out to people in need.  A dear friend of mine posted on social media about his donation to this cause and I jumped on the opportunity to clean out my closet it too!  It’s a simple way to help and a great way to clean out your closet!  The campaign has been so successful that their facility became completely full and they have directed donations to be sent to the Tejano Center located at 2950 Broadway Houston, TX 77017.  Visit their website or Facebook page to see how you can donate.

We cleaned out our closet for Hurricane Harvey Victims!

American Humane

Being an animal lover (we have 4 cats!) I knew I wanted to donate to a group who could rescue the pets affected by the hurricanes.  I discovered American Humane from an on-line article NPR posted.  In Houston this organization sent two 50-foot rescue trucks staffed with volunteers, veterinarians, and first-responders and are distributing 100,000 pounds of pet food and assisting with shelter operations.  For Florida they have a 50-foot rescue rig and team ready to respond to Hurricane Irma. 

Donations can be easily made on their website or their Facebook page, which is also a great way to stay updated with their daily efforts.  Along with the direct donation I made to this organization, I have set up a Facebook Fundraising Campaign asking my friends to donate to American Humane as my birthday gift---it’s on September 11.


Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Facebook posted that they would match (up to $1 million dollars) every donation to Center for Disaster Philanthropy via their post.  2 clicks later I made my donation and they doubled it.  Four days after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Facebook raised the $1 million dollars.  Thank you to Facebook for showing leadership and making a difference in the lives of the hurricane victims.  What a positive and powerful example of the good social media can do!  These funds will help hurricane victims’ immediate needs for food and shelter as well as long term needs to help them rebuild their lives.

Please share these uplifting stories with your friends and family---together we can make a difference!


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