In our efforts to follow the teachings of ahimsā, non-harming, (foundation of the yoga practice) we designed our Dhāranā Meditation Candle to be upcycled after the candle has burned to the bottom.  Instead of tossing the candle into the glass recyclable bin you can remove the wax and reuse the glass container in a myriad of fun and stylish ways.  Plus we think the OM design on the candle holder is so beautiful that it must be displayed in your home!

Here’s How to Remove the Wax

Put the candle in the freezer for a few hours.  When the wax gets cold it contracts, naturally pulling away from the glass.  Using your finger or a dull knife simply nudge the wax and it should pop right out.  Then wash the inside of the glass jar with soap and warm water.  Be sure not to scrub the outside of the glass so you won’t scratch the OM design!

Ideas to Reuse the Candle Holder

Now comes the fun!  There are tons of creative ways you can repurpose these beautiful candle holders, but here are our top 5 favorites:

1 - Decorative containers to store your toiletries

2 - Planters for succulents

3 - Chic drinking glasses

4 - Stylish flower vase

5 - Make another pretty candle using tea lights


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