In yoga we learn about the importance of cultivating balance in the mind, body and spirit to help maintain health and happiness.  This includes your energy.
Importance of balancing your energy
Your energy is very powerful, so it is important to keep it balanced.  It helps maintain your physical and mental health and the direction of your life.  When you are healthy and happy, you tend to attract more positive experiences.  To the contrary, when you aren’t happy and/or healthy, negative situations seem to arise more easily.
Many think that to “be balanced” you should strive to have equal time for work, play and family.  This is an important goal, but yoga encourages you to look within yourself, including your energy, versus outside yourself to find real balance.  Because when you change your energy it automatically changes your external life experiences.
5 ways to balance your energy
Healthy energy is energy that is constantly flowing.  Like water needs to be flowing to stay clean, the energy in our body, mind and spirit needs to keep moving.  Here are 5 ways to keep the flow moving to balance your energy:

  1. Exercise Regularly – Regular exercise gets your blood flowing, oxygen pumping and is an overall great mover of energy.  In an asana practice (the physical practice of yoga) there is particular focus on balance—teaching us to embody steadiness and ease.  To push a little harder without causing pain or compromising your breath—and, of course, maintaining a smile on your face.
  2. Perform Breathing Exercises – Practicing breathing exercises is an optimal way to get the prana (life force) moving throughout your entire body.  It can help relieve blocked energy that can lead to diseases and negative energy.  In our blog post on pranayama breathing you can learn a breathing technique from one of our favorite yoga and meditation teachers.
  3. Meditate Daily – Establishing a daily meditation practice will help reduce stress and calm your mind to help you counter balance the over active world we live in.  It’s a key factor in keeping us healthy and happy.
  4. Express Yourself – Just like our bodies and our breath, our thoughts need to keep moving.  Express your feelings and share yourself with others.  Holding things inside may make you feel blocked which could lead to frustration, anger and all sorts of repressed feelings.
  5. Change Your Surroundings – Feng shui, the Chinese tradition of harmonizing the energy flow in your environment, believes all objects within your surroundings affect your energy and that everything is made of energy.  Therefore each object has an energy that either lifts you up or depletes your energy.  Colors, placement of objects, clutter, symbolism of objects, etc. all have an impact.  An easy, practical way to start is just to clean up any clutter at your home or office.  This will allow energy (and you) to flow more easily within that environment.
You will notice a shift in your energy by simply practicing one of these methods---so give one a try!
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