December is one of the busiest and exciting months of the year.  To help you revel in this joyous time, we’ve put together a few fun and easy ideas to keep you healthy and energized this holiday season.  We believe that adding a few fun habits to each day will create wonderful magic in our lives.

1.  Morning Manifestations

Start your day off with a positive mindset.  Each morning when you wake up, think of at least 3 things about your life that you appreciate and why you appreciate them.  Immerse yourself in this process and have fun with it.  This is a great way to put you in a good mood and to manifest more wonderful experiences into your life.

2. Drink Your Water

Drinking lots of water is especially helpful this time of year.  We tend to have a few more treats in December and this will help us stay hydrated and flush toxins out of our system.  A recent article in the Huffington Post indicated that women age 19 and older should drink about 11.4 cups of water each day and men age 19 and older should drink 15.6 cups each day.  Adding lemon to your water further aids in detoxing your system plus lemons are loaded with vitamins, including vitamin C. 

3.  Eat More Vegetables

December is a great time to remember to eat your vegetables!  With all the delicious food options during the holidays, vegetables (especially green ones) seem to disappear off our plates.  Find creative ways to incorporate them into your meals---morning, noon and night.  With the colder weather, soups are great way to warm your belly and soul.  Try our Vegan Veggie & Bean Soup recipe.  It is so healthy, very tasty and easy to make. 

4. Plan Holiday Events That Move You

Mix up your holiday traditions this year to include some sort of fun exercise!  Get your body moving and your heart rate up while creating wonderful memories with family and friends.   Ice skating is a fun experience for everyone---we love going to the Hotel Del Coronado each year!   Or try other outdoor activities such as snow sledding, shoeing or skiing.  Being is nature is an added bonus that helps you feel grounded.  Taking a walk through neighborhoods that are known for their festive holiday light displays is also a fun way to get in the holiday spirit while getting exercise. 

5.  Meditate Before You Go to Sleep

This month switch up your meditation practice and mediate at night instead of the morning.  With all the busyness of the season this is a great way to calm your mind before sleep.  Give yourself 10-15 minutes to decompress from your day and let go of any thoughts.  Sit up in bed, close your eyes and focus on your breath.  As thoughts arise, place them into one of two categories, thoughts of: a) planning or b) remembering.  Once you have labeled the thought, let it go and return your focus to your breath. Keep repeating this throughout your meditation.  Then gently get under the covers and fall into a blissful sleep!

We hope you have fun with these ideas and wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season!

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