Last week I went to the 11th annual fundraiser for San Diego Youth Services (SDYS).  Reminiscing on the inaugural event, I feel so fortunate to have been a volunteer with this remarkable organization for over 11 years!    I am inspired, in awe with, and so grateful for the wonderful work they do for at-risk youth.   Last year the amazing, caring staff provided intensive services to more than 15,000 children and their families here in San Diego.   They help kids in danger by offering emergency services, safe places to live and long-term solutions for kids “on their own” by providing shelters, group homes, foster homes, community centers and transitional housing.   Six nights a week, Outreach Teams search out youth who believe they have nowhere to go for help.

At last week’s fundraiser a young lady spoke to over 200 people---that alone was extremely impressive---to share her story about how SDYS helped her and her newborn get on their feet.  She had no stable home during her pregnancy and SDYS provided housing and counseling.  After the birth of her daughter SDYS helped her get a scholarship to a community college. Plus support with babysitting and transportation to make this all happen.  

Seeing firsthand how SDYS helps build futures for at-risk youth, I knew I wanted to help make a difference in these children’s lives on a larger scale.  That’s why OM Matters contributes 10% of all sales from our eco-friendly yoga clothing line to fund yoga for at-risk youth.  We are focused to reach our goal of bringing yoga to 10,000 youth by 2019!

SDYS also has prevention and intervention programs.  One of which is going out to the schools to educating kids from pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade and their parents.  They teach coping skills, anger management and anti-bullying techniques to these students.  In order to give the kids well rounded support they have classes for the parents to share with them the skills they taught their children. 

Other ways they set children up for success is through fun and educational events such as yoga.  They realize the benefits yoga provides youth, such as higher confidence, help dealing with stress and better school engagement.  We love bringing yoga to these kids and here’s how you can help us make a difference:


When you buy any of our eco-friendly yoga wear we will contribute 10% to fund yoga for at-risk youth.


Donate directly to San Diego Youth Services.


Become a volunteer at San Diego Youth Services.

Thank you for helping us build futures for at-risk youth!
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