We are beyond thrilled to have collaborated with Stina Persson on the designs of our first collection of eco-friendly yoga clothing for women. Our vision for our breakout line was inspired by the 8 Limbs of Yoga, outlined in Patañjali’s ancient text the Yoga Sūtras. The 8-limbed path gives us insight into our individual minds and the whole universe. The ultimate message: We are one.  Inspired by her love for yoga, Stina created 8 beautiful and thought-provoking images representing each of the 8 Limbs.

Stina uses ink, watercolor or collages with ceremonial Mexican cut papers to create a style that is both vivid and elegant. She fuses the traditional with the edgy to introduce a modern look to illustration – a look that is appreciated by numerous clients including Nike, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot, L’Oreal, O.P.I., Vogue Japan, W Magazine, and WWD Magazine.

Stina studied fine art in Perugia and fashion drawing in Florence, and also has a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute in New York. She was awarded the Society of Illustrator’s Student Scholarship in 1996 and 1997, and exhibited her work in several shows in New York and Japan. 

You can view her beautiful art at www.stinapersson.com

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