Written by OM Matters Founder, Tambra Wayne

Before launching OM Matters, the book Do Your OM Thing, by Rebecca Pacheco (aka the OM Gal), was released. (I was, obviously, drawn to the name!) I was neck deep in the process of figuring out my OM thing, so the book was perfect timing. I’ve been enjoying the physical practice of yoga for about 10 years.

From the beginning I sensed that there was something more beautiful and meaningful beyond the physical practice. The past 2 years I worked with some amazing teachers learning about the philosophy and history of yoga and diving deep into the ancient teachings in the Yoga Sūtras. I have read a lot of books, tried many forms of meditation, done crazy breathing exercises (which I really love) and taken a lot of different styles of yoga classes. I’ve learned a lot and am still craving more (the journey never ends).

Rebecca’s book was a great addition to my learning process. It is a wonderful overview and perspective of the Yoga Sūtras and dials down the yoga philosophy to make it more user friendly. The way she describes the 8 limbs of yoga (the 8-stepped plan to free one from suffering outlined in the Yoga Sūtras) really helped me to solidify my understanding of them. From this understanding I feel that I can really practice the 8 limbs with more mindfulness and feeling. Plus I now have the ability to explain them to my friends without their eyes glazing over! This book is a great read for anyone no matter what stage of the yoga journey you are on. But I think it is especially helpful for people just starting out on their yogic path. Check it out at www.OmGal.com.

Enjoy doing your OM thing!

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