As food straight from the ground nourishes our bodies, yoga nourishes our souls, and time spent together nourishes our community.

Our first Farm to Yoga event for at-risk youth was such a special day. Kids of all ages and their adoptive parents joined us at Suzie’s Farm, a 140-acre USDA-certified organic farm in San Diego County, to participate in a family-friendly yoga class, tour the farm’s vegetable gardens and chicken coops, and pick green beans off the vines—which we ate right on the spot.

Almost 100 of us spent the day on the farm. Special thanks to yoga instructor Sarah Clark and chef Kirsten Klier for making the day so special, and to Abby Paloma from Farm to Yoga for helping us make it happen!

At the end of our day together, we sat down to a beautifully prepared vegetarian dinner made with fruits and vegetables right from the farm… and the kids even loved the vegetables! Although truth be told, they preferred the sweet strawberries right off the vine, especially in the fresh strawberry shortcake we had for dessert. Our mouths are watering as we write this, remembering how delicious all the food was.

At OM Matters, we believe that every day should be driven by mindfulness and health. We draw our inspiration from the 8 Limbs of Yoga, after all. We are committed to helping at-risk youth find joy in mindful living.

Of course, the point of the day was that the kids and parents learned a little bit about taking care of their bodies with yoga and organic food. They also learned about farming and the importance of taking care of our earth so we can continue to grow healthy produce. Everyone was dirty and exhausted by the end of the day, but the kids called it one of the best days of their lives! Now that’s what we call a successful day, one we’ll cherish forever… until our next Farm-to-Yoga event.

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