A designated meditation space is not a requirement for meditating.  Ideally you should be able to meditate anywhere under a variety of conditions.  Today’s life style is increasingly hectic so flexibility is key in order to maintain a consistent practice, which is important to reap the benefits of meditation.   Having a beautiful, tranquil meditation space in your home is a wonderful luxury to have and it signifies your commitment to the practice and to yourself.    But when you are traveling, either for work or fun, you can still find the time and a place to meditate.  Here are 3 easy tips to help maintain your practice while on the road:

Maintain your normal meditation routine

Try to stick with your daily meditation habits and practices as much as you can.  For example, if your morning routine typically includes meditating for 15 minutes, then maintain that routine while on the road.  Keep it consistent.  Keeping it consistent will also help you dive right back into your normal meditation routine when you come home.

Create a meditation space in your hotel room

Pick a location that is clutter-free (a cluttered space can make your mind feel more cluttered) and create a make shift meditation space.  Ideally near a window or balcony that provides natural light and a great view.  Try to set it up similar to the space you have at home.  For example, if you sit on the traditional Zen zabuton and zafu (blanket and pillow), you can replicate that by using a towel, folded into a rectangle, for the zabuton and 1-2 pillows from the bed as a zafu.

Bring something from your meditation space at home

Many meditation spaces are filled with objects that create an ambiance for peace, spirituality and beauty.  Common objects of inspiration include Tibetan singing bowls, candles, crystals and incense.  So bring something from your home meditation space that inspires you.  Incense or a crystal are good choices as they can easily fit into your suitcase.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to maintain your meditation practice on the road.  Happy travels!

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