This beautiful quote is from the Yoga Sūtra, a book that is considered to be one of the main ancient texts on yoga.  Some may not realize this, but the philosophy of yoga teaches us how to be in relationships---with ourselves, others and the planet.  This quote teaches us how to be kind and compassionate.  It is rooted in the teachings of ahimsā, which means non-harming, or to cause the least amount of harm.  It serves as an accessible example of how we can practice kindness and compassion in our daily lives.

Practice Ahimsā
Next time you encounter someone who is angry, frustrated or just in a bad mood, instead of reacting in the same manner, say something kind to them.  Such as ask how you can help, or give them a compliment, or maybe a smile will do the trick.  This creates space for openness and connection.  Think about when someone does something nice for you.  Don’t you feel more open, safe and comfortable sharing yourself versus pulling away?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) situations will arise multiple times each day for you to practice this!  Try this technique with a co-worker, your significant other, your mother or a child.  One of these relationships will be sure to give you the opportunity!   Especially during the holiday season!

Be a part of the OM Revolution!
Our vision for OM Revolution® is to create a vehicle to start conversations around what a peaceful revolution could look like, in order to affect positive change in our society.  We want to challenge ourselves to start taking steps to treat ourselves with more love and respect so that we can then treat others with more love and respect.  To accomplish this takes a community---we need to do this together.

To start this movement we are soliciting the opinions and ideas from our community and will share them with you.  We don't know where this will lead, but believe by creating a vision of what an OM Revolution could look like compassionate action will naturally follow.  We hope this motivates you to think of how you can create change within your community. 

If this inspires you, please send us your vision of an OM Revolution to and as a gift we will send you an OM Revolution shirt.  Plus we may feature you in an upcoming newsletter! 

Together we can make a difference!


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