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Our political environment has been….well…very unsettling.  Many of us are feeling anxious, sad and uncertain about what the future will bring.  Not only on a global level, but in our own neighborhoods.  The good news is that many people are getting more involved and realize that our actions do matter and we can effect change.  I too have felt compelled to take some action, albeit minor compared to what so many others are doing, but it’s time to put this nervous energy to work.  So I launched an OM Revolution!

What is an OM Revolution?

It is a movement to inspire compassionate action that brings us closer together, because together is better!  The purpose is to shine some light on our core values: unity, compassion and love.  Let’s put more energy on how we want our world to be versus what we don’t want it to be---“be the change!”

Who does this OM Revolution benefit?

OM Revolution stands for something bigger than ourselves, with 10% of the proceeds from our eco-conscious, message-driven products being donated directly to ACLU.  ACLU is a not-for-profit organization that works tirelessly to protect human rights and equality for everyone in our country. 

How can you join the OM Revolution?

This movement provides 3 opportunities for you to get involved: 

Buy our eco-friendly OM Revolution tee shirt and we will contribute 10% of the proceeds to ACLU.
Donate directly to ACLU.
Get involved with ACLU’s Grassroots Volunteer Movement.

Join the OM Revolution now!

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