Mother’s Day is such a wonderful occasion to celebrate not only our moms, but also the other important women in our lives.  I have been very lucky to have had many women to honor on this day: my mother, grandmother, step-mother, aunts and dear friends.  This year it feels even more critical to show our mothers how much we appreciate and love them and to do so in more heart-felt ways. 

So, I felt compelled to create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide themed in the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  I curated gifts that relate to each of the practices within this 8-limbed path, which include a collection of ethical principles, self-care practices, physical postures, breath work, and a variety of meditation techniques.  All designed to help support and enrich our mothers---body, mind and spirit.   I loved putting this Gift Guide together and truly hope these gift ideas help you to make her feel extra special on her day.

Following the teachings within this yoga philosophy, all of the gifts I selected are made with sustainable products and processes. 


Limb 1 – Yamas

Ethical principles that guide how we treat others and our planet.


Organic Cotton Giant Scarf - $80

One of the foundational teachings within the 1st limb of yoga is the practice of ahimsā, or non-harming: to ourselves, others and our planet.  One way we can be kinder to our planet this Mother’s Day is to buy sustainable products.  Ineffably’s slow fashion-themed boutique does just that.  All of the stylish brands they feature have ethical and sustainable business practices, including this beautiful giant-sized scarf.  Your mother will feel good inside and out wearing this ever-so-soft scarf knowing it’s made from 100% hand dyed organic cotton.  Organic cotton is less harmful to the planet because it is never genetically modified and does not use any highly polluting chemicals.  This scarf comes in 32 different colors. 



Quality time with you - $0

One of the most precious gifts you can give your mother is quality time with YOU!  That is actually one of the practices within the yamas known as asteya which is the principal of not stealing.  Aside from the literal meaning of not stealing from others, this yama encourages us to consider how we might steal on more subtle ways such as not fully listening.  One way to practice this is to commit to listen intently without expecting anything in return.  I challenge you to give your mother your full attention this Mother’s Day---not only will it make her day, I’m sure it will make yours too.


Limb 2 – Niyamas

Internal disciplines that teach us to respect ourselves---body, mind and spirit.


Mantra Makeup Mat - $23.95

Isn’t it amazing how mantras really do put us in a more positive mindset?!  Mantras are such a useful tool to lift our spirits and help us maintain a state of contentment.  Contentment, santosha in Sanskrit, is one of the habits outlined in the niyamas.  The Mantra Makeup Mat, which comes with a 5-Step Mindful Moment Ritual, makes it easy and fun for your mother to incorporate this niyama into her morning practice.  Christine Howard, owner of Mantra Mindset Moments, created this Mantra Mat and Ritual to empower women to connect to their inner beauty and authentic self.  What a great gift to give your mother!


Gratitude Journal - $20

Another way for your mother to jump start her day in a positive manner is to write down what she is grateful for in this beautiful gratitude journal. Prompts are scattered throughout the journal to inspire self-reflection and exploration.  Journaling her thoughts and feelings, dreams and goals is the practice of self-reflection, or svādhyāya.   Svādhyāya encourages mom to keep learning, growing and expanding, and journaling is a great way to do that.


Limb 3 – Āsana

The physical postures of the yoga practice.


Virtual Vinyasa - $28

One of the positive things that has come from the COVID-19 era is that many yoga teachers are creating live online yoga classes.  I personally love having this as an option because sometimes it’s difficult to make it to the yoga studio.  I’m so grateful that one of my favorite instructors, Jenna, is offering live group classes as well as privates. The Virtual Vinyasa featured here is a set of 2 live classes, but you can also tailor a special package for your mother.  Jenna offers online reiki sessions too!  She has such a warm and friendly style that your mother will love, whether she’s new to yoga or a seasoned yogi.  Namaste!


Limb 4 – Prānāyāma

The focus on the breath, our life force.


Daily Guided Breathwork Sessions - $40

Establishing a daily breathing practice reduces stress, cultivates mental clarity and so much more.  These lovely humans with Our Breath Collective will guide your mom through a morning breathing practice each weekday that will set the tone for the rest of her day.  Gift your mother a month of this powerful practice for only $40!  All sessions are performed live in a private Facebook group.  She will feel as blissful as this trio looks in this photo!  Use the coupon code OMMATTERS at checkout to get $10 off for the month of May!



Mudball Plant - $48

Instead of sending your mother flowers this year, send her a uniquely beautiful mudball plant from Gracie James.  They have a variety of different plants to choose from---my favorite is the Lace Fern! I included this gift under the practice of prānāyāma because plants emit the oxygen we need to breathe. Plus, adding plants to your home helps purify the air you breathe.  Gracie James gift wraps these plants and will ship them anywhere in the USA.


Limb 5 – Pratyāhāra

The withdrawing of the senses, so that when we feel, see, taste and smell we let go of reacting. 


I Am Releasing Bracelet - $38

Letting go is the intent of pratyāhāra and it is the intent of this mala bracelet, making it a perfect gift to inspire your mother to embrace this practice.  The lepidolite stone in this bracelet represents transition and is believed to help with releasing and letting go.  Along with this gift, your mother will receive a guided audio-meditation with the affirmation “I Am Releasing.”  Mala Collective created this meditation to inspire your mother to begin, re-start or deepen her practice.

Limb 6 – Dhāranā

Strict concentration on one object or task to help curb the mind from wandering.


Dhāranā Meditation Candle - $36

The goal of dhāranā is to still the mind both in meditation and life through fixed concentration on an object or a task.  One way your mother can practice this is to focus her concentration on this lovely candle during meditation.  She can sit comfortably and soften her gaze on the flame while directing her attention to her breath.  The orange blossom scent of this candle will also help lull your mother into a meditative state.  Ommm….  This candle is mindfully made in the USA using orange blossom essential oils and all-natural products.  Plus, when the wax is used up the candle holder can be reused as a pretty container for mom to store her toiletries! 10% of the sales of these candles are used to support yoga for at-risk youth.


Limb 7 – Dhyāna

A deep meditative experience.


Meditation Cushion - $158

This elegant meditation cushion was designed to support mom’s mindful journey in the comfort of her own home.  Along with the purchase of this cushion, she will receive a 5-part guided audio-meditation series from Mala Collective to help her start or to deepen her mindfulness practice.


Limb 8 – Samādhi

A state in which we truly know and feel that everything is interconnected.


8 Limbs of Yoga Practice Cards - $25

One can experience samādhi through incorporating the practices of all of the 8 Limbs of Yoga into your life. This 30-card deck will teach your mother about this mindful way of life and provide examples of how she can practice the 8 Limbs each day, through physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation and philosophical practices.  These cards will inspire your mother to engage in these beautiful practices in some manner every day.  There is also an e-version of these cards for only $12.99.  10% of the sales of these cards are used to support yoga for at-risk youth.

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