Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate not only our moms, but also the other important mother figures in our lives.  I have been very lucky to have had many women to honor on this day: my mother, grandmother, step-mother, aunts and dear friends.  That’s why I felt inspired to create this gift guide includes mindfully curated gifts designed to help support and enrich our mothers---body, mind, and spirit.

Each gift is themed in the teachings of the 8 Limbs of Yoga offering ways for your mother to practice these ancient teachings in her daily life.  The 8-limbed path is a road map to help us mindfully navigate through our lives with integrity and grace, recognizing that everything is interconnected and our actions matter.   This yogic system offers ethical principles, self-care guidelines, physical postures, breath work, and meditation practices that inspire us to live our best life.  Each limb is interconnected with the next and they are designed to be practiced in a circular and ongoing manner.  Bottom line, we are always practicing and evolving, and we can learn something new each time we engage in these teachings.  We often think that practicing yoga is on our mats, but the real practice is in our daily lives in how we show up for ourselves, others, and the planet.

I loved putting this Gift Guide together and truly hope these gift ideas help you to make the mother figure(s) in your life feel extra special this Mother’s Day.

Limb 1 – Yamas

Ethical principles that guide how we treat others and our planet, encouraging us to embody qualities of compassion, honesty, abundance, respect, and generosity.


By – Lavande Wellness Boutique

Price - $65

One of the main teachings of the yamas is taking care of our planet.  This is the principle of ahimsā, which is Sanskrit for not harming---ourselves, others, and our planet.   One way we can be kinder to our planet is to reduce our use of plastic water bottles.  Lavande created these beautiful crystal water bottles that contain either a smoky, rose, or clear quartz crystal infusing their healing powers into each sip you take.  Rose Quartz is known as the stone for love and compassion---towards yourself, others, and our planet--- making it a perfect complement to the practice of ahimsā.  Click here to give this gift to mom!




By – Marnie & Michael

Price - $225 CDN, including free shipping within Canada and the USA

So much heart and thoughtfulness went into creating each of the 100 limited edition Mental Wellness Boxes that are a perfect representation of this first limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  It is an act of compassion, respect and generosity to support mental wellness. 

“My goal with these subscription boxes is to highlight social enterprises that also give back to mental health to further spread the awareness of their services and/or products that give back to this cause, and in general, keep the discussion going around mental wellness,” explains founder, Jennifer St. John.   Marnie & Michael is a Canadian social enterprise selling handmade leather bags, giving a percentage of each sale to its grassroots mental health initiative supporting those who love someone experiencing mental health issues. Named after founder Jennifer St. John’s late parents, Marnie & Michael is not only beautifully crafted leather goods but also a blog where Jennifer speaks frankly about growing up with a mother suffering with undiagnosed mental illness, sharing her own journey in hopes of helping others discovering coping strategies while feeling supported, heard and hopeful.  Click here to give this gift to mom! 



By – OM Matters

Price - $35

The heart of the yamas teachings is to embody love!  Your mom will feel so loved, nurtured and cared for with the healing energy and transformative powers of these crystals.  Each crystal was specially curated to vibrationally match each of the 5 practices within the yamas which include compassion, honesty, abundance, respect and generosity.   Qualities we all want to embody!  This kit also includes a meditation ritual she can follow. 10% of the sales of these crystal kits go to support yoga for youth.  Click here to give this gift to mom.


Limb 2 – Niyamas

Internal disciplines that teach us to respect ourselves---body, mind, and spirit.


By –  Barre and Bay Wreath

Price - $32

Keeping track of your wellness and staying mindful of your intentions is just as essential as keeping track of your work week. The Rituals and Wellness Journal encourages you to create a time to pause and check in with yourself.


By - Christine Howard

Price - $14.99

If your mom is looking to set-aside relentless striving and stressing to achieve, this book is perfect for her! Christine Howard has created a pioneering, innovative guide that takes mom to the crossroads between being and doing, delivering a balanced approach to connecting with the core of her radiance to allow her greatest callings and dreams to be realized.  Click here to give this gift to mom!


By – Mantra Mindset Moments

Price - $23.95

Inspire your mother to treat herself with love each morning with this 5-step Mindful Moment Radiance Ritual which includes the Mantra Makeup Mat.  The ritual and mantra on the makeup mat help mom cultivate feelings of gratitude and happiness.   Christine Howard, owner of Mantra Mindset Moments, created this ritual and makeup mat to empower women to connect to their inner beauty and authentic self.  What a great gift to give your mother!  



By – OM Matters

Price - $49

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to treat mom with a day of self-care and this Elevate You Healing Crystal Kit is a unique way to nurture her mind, body, and spirit!    Make mom shine brightly and feel beautiful inside and out like each of the 5 crystals within this kit.  Each sparkling gem was hand curated to evoke each of the 5 qualities of the niyamas: clarity, contentment, commitment, self-reflection and devotion to the divine within her.  This kit also includes a meditation ritual she can follow.  10% of the sales of these crystal kits go to support yoga for youth.  Click here to give this gift to mom!


Limb 3 – Āsana

The physical postures of the yoga practice.



By – OG Yoga

Price -  $45 for 5 classes

Yoga is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The need for this transformative practice has been magnified in the last 12 months.  Give mom the gift of experiencing restorative and mindfulness yoga classes virtually from the comfort of her own home.  Plus, it will warm her heart to know that all proceeds from this yoga studio goes to provide yoga to underserved communities who have been affected especially hard during these uncertain times.  OG Yoga is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to make healing yoga accessible to vulnerable communities.



By – Yoga with Jenna

Price - $33/month + discount below

Jenna is a yoga and meditation teacher and reiki master.  She is passionate about creating a space where your mother can experience an escape from the busyness of life and focus on herself.  Jenna’s classes are always breath centered, with an emphasis in mindfulness.  In celebration of Mother’s Day she’s offering a 33% discount on her monthly membership for unlimited access to virtual on demand classes---ranging from restorative yoga to vinyasa flow, meditations and breathwork.  Plus, there is Live yoga every Thursday at 11AM PST.  Enter the code MAMA33 at check out.


Limb 4 – Prānāyāma

Harness the power of the breath, our life force, to create divine conditions for health in the body and peace in the mind.


By – Our Breath Collective

Price - $40 + discount below

A daily breathing practice is a powerful tool that reduces stress and anxiety, cultivates mental clarity, increases energy, and aids in restful sleep.  These lovely humans with Our Breath Collective will guide your mom through a morning breathing practice each weekday that will set the tone for the rest of her day.  All sessions are performed live via their website and will be recorded so mom can access anytime.  Gift your mother a month of this beneficial practice for only $40!  Use the coupon code OMMATTERS at checkout to get $10 off for mom’s first month!


Limb 5 – Pratyāhāra

The withdrawing of the senses, so that when we feel, see, taste and smell we let go of reacting. 


By – Lavande

Price - $49.99

Take your mother on a trip to escape all the chaos of this fast-paced world to a place of peace and tranquility.  Mom can instantly create a soothing atmosphere when she adds her favorite essential oil to this elegant hand-blown marble glass diffuser.  Pratyāhāra encourages mom to give herself this break to let go of life’s distractions and create more stillness in her life.  Click here to give this gift to mom!

Limb 6 – Dhāranā

Strict concentration on one object or task to help curb the mind from wandering.


By – OM Matters

Price - $34

The goal of dhāranā is to still the mind both in meditation and life through fixed concentration on an object or a task.  One way your mother can practice this is to focus her concentration on this lovely OM candle during meditation.  She can sit comfortably and soften her gaze on the flame while directing her attention to her breath.  The orange blossom scent of this candle will also help lull your mother into a meditative state.  Ommm….  This candle is mindfully made in the USA using orange blossom essential oils and all-natural products.  Plus, when the wax is used up the candle holder can be reused as a pretty container for mom to store her toiletries! 10% of the sales of these candles go to support yoga for youth.  Click here to give this gift to mom!


Limb 7 – Dhyāna

A deep meditative experience.


By – Meditation Supply Store

Price - $60

What a better gift for mom then the gift of meditation.  It’s a time for her to just BE with no pressure to do anything or be anybody.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  The stress will melt off your mother’s shoulders as she meditates on this natural straw meditation cushion.    For an extra bonus, here are 5 free meditation techniques to help mom go deeper into stillness and take this peaceful state with her throughout her entire day.


By – Mediation Supply Store

Price - $16

If your mom is new to mediation, but wants to feel the benefits of inner peace, clarity and joy this powerful practice cultivates, this book is perfect for her!  The 8 Minute Meditation will give her the exact tools she needs to learn to meditate and do it in a time-frame that even the busiest people can easily handle: just 8 minutes a day. 

Limb 8 – Samādhi

A state in which we truly know and feel that everything is interconnected---we are all one!


By – OM Matters

Price - $25

Your mother can experience the serenity and joy of samādhi when she applies all of the practices of this holistic way of life. This 30-card deck will inspire and teach your mother about this mindful way of living and provide examples of how she can practice the 8 Limbs each day, through physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and philosophical practices.  There is also an e-version of these cards for only $9.99.  10% of the sales of these cards go to support yoga for youth.  Click here to give this gift to mom! 


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