One of our first give-back partners is The Hale Foundation. This is a great not-for-profit organization equipped to bring yoga to at-risk communities. They have qualified yoga teachers and the infrastructure to make it happen. And even more importantly, they are passionate about helping at-risk youth, which shows in the smiles of the kids’ faces!

For our first event together, we partnered with San Diego Youth Services to hold yoga classes at their Camp Mariposa, a weekend getaway retreat for at-risk youth.

The Hale Foundation was created by a group of teachers, performers, entrepreneurs, and artists in order to make sure that all kids in San Diego would have the ability to experience the benefits of strong physical and mental health practices. They bring expert teachers to kids in under-served neighborhoods and offer them the opportunity to learn about healthy habits.


The Hale Foundation teachers specialize in yoga, martial arts, creative arts, journaling and leadership. They are passionate about their work and have created custom-themed curriculum to ensure that their youth participants get the full experience of a complete and well thought-out program. The Hale Foundation exists in order to prepare kids to be their best in real-life situations.

 Learn more about how they work with at-risk youth at





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