Marie Forleo interview with Dr. Brene Brown

I just watched an interview with Dr. Brené Brown talking about her new book Braving The Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging & The Courage To Stand Alone.   Wow!  This interview was so impactful to me I simply had to share it with you too!  The topics she covers in this book are so relevant to the challenges we are facing in our country today.  It discusses how we are dehumanizing vulnerable populations in our country and that people from both sides of the division are contributing to this problem. 

Dr. Brené Brown’s Research

Through her 16 years of research on bravery, vulnerability, empathy, and shame she gave us insight on what we can do to create a more caring and just world:

  • Move closer to each other, because people are hard to hate close up. It’s so easy to be verbally judgmental on Facebook, but not face-to-face.  When we are kinder in person, kinder discussions will be had and positive connections can be made.
  • We need human connection and to have true belonging. “That connection — the spirit that flows between us and every other human in the world – is not something that can be broken.”
  • Acts of kindness and consciousness will affect positive change in our society. Even just asking questions and being curious about someone’s perspective, versus jumping to conclusions (I’m guilty of that) will soften the divide and open hearts to healing and understanding.  She even went as far to say that we need 1 million people to act with kindness to really start affecting change.  So let’s do it!

Click here to watch the entire inspiring interview.

What Dr. Brené Brown and I Have in Common

One of the reasons I was so excited about this interview is because her message is so similar to what our vision is for OM Revolution®: to create a vehicle to start conversations around what a peaceful revolution could look like in order to affect positive change in our society.  We want to challenge each of us to start taking steps to treat ourselves with more love and respect so that we can then treat others with more love and respect.   To inspire compassionate action that brings us closer together, because to accomplish this takes a community---we need to do this together!  One of our acts of kindness is that we contribute 10% of the proceeds from our eco-conscious, message-driven products directly to 

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