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Last week the Dalai Lama gave a public talk at the University of California, San Diego that my husband and I were fortunate to attend.  His message of unity, compassion and peace was delivered in such a humble and often funny way---his laugh was so adorable and very contagious!  He said his purpose was to share this message to as many people as he could throughout his life and hopes that we, in turn, share it with others.  Following his request I’m sharing with you a few highlights that were impactful to me.


Teachings from His Holiness


First, the Dalai Lama greeted us by saying “hello brothers and sisters.” He explained that he does this purposefully so that we know we are all one, like a family.  He said it also makes him feel a part of a bigger community; there is only one Dalai Lama, but there are many brothers and sisters---he feels less lonely as a brother.  This made me realize that such a small statement can make a huge impact and shift in our consciousness and behavior---it focuses on unity vs. separation/isolation.

As a society we put too much emphasis on our differences, when we should spend more time focusing on our similarities.  There are many more ways that we are all alike, then different: we all want to be loved, to be healthy and happy, to take care of our families, to laugh, to sing and dance, to be free!  Let’s celebrate what we all have in common.


He believes that acts of compassion start with each individual.  The key is to have inner peace.  When we achieve inner peace, we can more easily treat others with loving kindness and this energy reverberates throughout the community.  Compassion creates a friendly environment and having friends is so important to being happy.  Happiness is a main factor to help achieve inner peace.  It is this kindness that will help create a more peaceful world. Even a simple smile can bring happiness to the one who smiles and those around them. It is the sign of loving kindness.


The Dalai Lama believes that schools should be responsible for teaching ethics and compassion to our children.  Places of worship used to do that for us, but now he thinks it would be more effective for the schools to do this.  It’s important that we not only teach our children to be smart, we also need to teach them to be kind hearted, compassionate and act with loving kindness.  This is essential to creating a more peaceful world.

I hope this message inspired you to make small changes in your life to help cultivate unity, compassion and peace.  To further promote the Dalai Lama’s message, please share with your friends and family.  Namaste!

The entire speech can be read on the Dalai Lama website.


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