Combining crystals with your meditation practice can add a higher level of alignment to the energies you are aiming to cultivate in your life.  The Embody Love! Healing Crystal Kit  represent the qualities that will help you achieve inner peace and happiness: 

Compassion + Love + Honesty + Abundance

Respect + Generosity

Below is a meditation ritual that uses these crystals to activate these energies with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The Ritual

Create a peaceful place to meditate that includes a comfortable cushion to sit on, a soft blanket to keep you warm and your favorite scented candle.  You can sit on a cushion with your legs crossed or in a chair with your feet on the ground.  Any position works so long as you can tilt your pelvis slightly forward to allow your spine to elongate protecting your lower back. 

Place the Embody Love! crystals in front of you on the ground or on an altar.  If you wish, hold one or more of the stones in your hand that have the qualities that you may need extra support on that day.  For example, if there is an upcoming sensitive conversation you plan to have with someone and you want be honest, kind and constructive, hold the rose quartz and amazonite crystals.

Next, set your timer to the sound of soothing bells or chimes that go off 3 times during your meditation: at the beginning, then again after 5 minutes (I will explain later) and at end your practice.  (If you don’t have a timer, I recommend downloading the Insight Timer app to your phone (it’s free).

Once your meditation space is set up and you are seated in a comfortable position, follow this lovely meditation technique:

  • Close your eyes or if you prefer softly rest your gaze on the crystals in front of you.
  • Mentally set your intention to cultivate love and compassion towards yourself or someone else. For example, the person you are to have the difficult talk with later in the day.
  • For the first 5 minutes of your meditation, repeat a mantra silently to yourself over and over. Choose a mantra such as  “I am love” or another one that resonates with you.  Repeating a mantra during meditation helps you manifest your intentions, and also helps still your mind.

  • After the 5-minute bell chimes, let go of your mantra and simply meditate for the remaining 20 minutes. Keep your attention on your breath, following the inhales and exhales.  When your mind gets distracted, gently guide it back to your breath---this is a practice of being compassionate to yourself.  Instead of reacting with frustration or anger towards yourself because your mind has drifted, you simply acknowledge that your mind drifted and return your focus back to your breath without judgement.   You are treating yourself with kindness and compassion---you are embodying love!
  • When the final bell rings, gently open your eyes and just notice how you feel. Write down any thoughts or feelings that arise in your journal.
  • Repeating this ritual on a consistent basis will amplify the energies that you wish to cultivate within you.  Also, you can adjust the process to align with different desired energies by mixing up your mantras and intentions and the crystals you choose to hold in your hand.  Have fun with it!  Namaste.


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