The feeling of appreciation is so powerful!  It’s a tool I have used for years to help me get out of a bad mood or to help others feel better about themselves.  I’d like to share with you 2 specific ways appreciation can help improve your life.

1.  Find things to appreciate

When I feel down or anxious or have any negative feelings, I know that if I start finding things that I appreciate I will feel better.  I simply start by making a list.  Some days it could be the smallest thing such as I appreciate today’s weather.  As I think about it more it will lead to bigger and better things I appreciate, like being happily married, having wonderful friends and family…. soon I’m on a roll and I realize I have a lot to be grateful for.   My negative feelings start to dissolve as they are replaced by these positive thoughts of appreciation. 

It also helps to identify why you appreciate something.  The more detail and more emotion you evoke will help guide you into an even better mood.  In addition, writing your thoughts down would enrich the process even more.

The more you focus on the good things in your life, the better you will feel.  It puts your perspective in an abundant state of mind versus coming from a place of lack.  Being in this state simply puts us in a better position to live a more meaningful and happy life.  When we are happy we attract more positive people and experiences into our lives.  Yes!

Try taking 10 minutes each morning to make a list of the things you appreciate.  I predict that this practice will have a positive impact on you and those around you.

2.  Appreciate others

When you tell someone how much you appreciate them it makes them feel so good. Unfortunately, we are not the recipients of that type of feedback on a regular basis.  Most people seem to be focused on providing constructive criticism.  While constructive criticism is very helpful and useful, showing appreciation to someone is powerful.  It actually empowers them to do more of that thing you appreciate and it gives them confidence to do more.  It puts their focus on positive aspects of themselves and this creates more good things in their lives.  It has a spiraling effect of creating more positive experiences.  Constructive criticism creates a spiraling effect too, but often in a negative way.

While you can’t control how someone feels, appreciating them can help change their course.  The key to this practice is to not expect anything in return and do it because you want to.  Challenge yourself to look for the positive aspects in a person and share that with them.  Sometimes just a basic “thank you” can make someone’s day.  Pure intentions open space for miracles to happen.  While the key is not to expect anything in return, you can’t help but feel good for making someone else feel good, it’s human nature. 

I hope these ideas inspired by the 8 Limbs of Yoga help you to engage in this practice of appreciation and that you experience the positive changes this practice brings.

I appreciate you!

Written by OM Matters founder, Tambra Wayne

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