Happy New Year!  After all the busyness and indulgences during the holidays, January is a natural time of year to detox and get back on track with our normal, healthy routines.   It’s also a good opportunity to introduce a few more mindful practices into our life.  We curated a few ways to help you reset your body, mind and spirit as you head into the New Year.

Flush it Out

Flush out the toxins in your system by drinking water.  I know we constantly preach about drinking lots of water---that’s because it works!  Especially after a month of holiday treats and libations!  If you haven’t figured it out, drinking a lot of water is a basic practice that should be followed throughout the year.  Water helps with weight loss, keeps your skin looking younger, increases your energy levels, helps aide digestion and detoxifies your body---what a wonder drug!

As mentioned in our previous blog women age 19 and older should drink about 11.4 cups of water each day and men age 19 and older should drink 15.6 cups each day.

Sweat it Out

Another effective way to detox is to sweat it out.  Aside from simply increasing your cardio this month, try an infrared sauna.  This type of sauna is a fairly new wellness trend that is becoming a very popular way to detox. These saunas are less heat intensive than traditional saunas but have much more impact.  They significantly increase your detoxification process, contribute to weight loss, reduce your stress levels and make your skin glow.  Our favorite place to get this intense detox is at Suddenly Slimmer Detox and Wellness Studio in La Jolla. 

Twist it Out

Take yoga classes that have a lot of twisting poses.  Most yoga teachers know that now’s the time to introduce poses with twists or that target flushing your thyroid and digestive systems.  However, be sure to speak up and ask your instructor to add some of these detoxifying poses to their routine.  DoYouYoga has a great list of 8 yoga poses to help you detox.

Throw it Out

January is a great time to do a little spring cleaning in your kitchen to start the year off with a clean-eating slate.  First of all, THROW OUT any remaining treats from the holidays!  Give it away, if possible---I always make my husband take it to his office!  Just get rid of it. 

Second step is to clean out your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  Throw out (or give away) any prepackaged foods such as granola bars, boxed cereals and canned soups.  These products are typically high in sugars and sodium which we want to avoid during a detox.  Also, discard any expired goods or foods you never use.  Clear the clutter so you can fill it up with nourishing whole foods such as organic fresh fruits and veggies, beans, brown rice and nuts.

Third, make your kitchen inviting so that you want to make fresh, healthy meals with your family.  Clean the kitchen, organize the cupboards and put a fresh bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter.

 We hope these flushing, sweating, twisting and throwing ideas help you to reset your body, mind and spirit for 2017!

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