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Our vision for OM Revolution® was to create a vehicle to start conversations around what a peaceful revolution could look like in order to affect positive change in our society.  We want to challenge ourselves to start taking steps to treat ourselves with more love and respect so that we can then treat others with more love and respect.  To accomplish this takes a community---we need to do this together.

To start this movement we are soliciting the opinions and ideas from our community and will share them with you.  We don't know where this will lead, but believe by creating a vision of what an OM Revolution could look like compassionate action will naturally follow.  We hope this motivates you to think of how you can create change within your community.  If this inspires you, please send us your vision of an OM Revolution to and we may feature you in an upcoming newsletter.

Our first interview was with Sarah Clark, a yoga and meditation teacher---my teacher---and a new mother.  Here is her vision on what an OM Revolution is:

 Sarah Clark wearing an OM Revolution tank holding her baby

If I get quiet and contemplate what a peaceful revolution means for us, it seems to begin with listening: real, wide-open listening. This listening begins with our own embodied experience---an honest attuning to our actual experiences and needs---so that then we can be steady enough to deeply and kindly listen to others, willing to hear them with less self-centeredness.  I think this necessitates bravery and patience.  
It seems to me that this listening 'groundwork' enables us to better care for our communities with more nuance.  We can see it happening in pockets here and there in our culture now, and it's exciting to witness.  It's a special time to be a human; we all have opportunity like never before in time to engage in more subtle and sophisticated conversations regarding social, economic, and environmental evolutions.  
It seems the only way to continue taking on injustices and advocating for positive change without burn out and with support is through collaboration---we need each other.  I hope this for my daughter’s generation and beyond: that we can bravely listen to our own messy raw experience,  listen openly to other beings, and then recognize that we must lean into the network of which we are a part.  The insights we glean from receptive listening can only be made alive through relationships-- of all kinds.  And let us not fear, but embrace, that how this all shakes out will surely look differently today than it has in the past.
--- Sarah Clark
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To learn more about Sarah Clark visit her website: 
OM Revolution® stands for something bigger than ourselves, with 10% of the proceeds from our eco-conscious, message-driven products being donated directly to
ACLU is a not-for-profit organization that works tirelessly to protect human rights and equality for everyone in our country.
Together we can make a difference. 

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