There are new studies almost daily that confirm the amazing positive affects yoga has on our lives. Most recently, we are hearing about these effects on our children too. And for at-risk kids living in impoverished communities, perhaps the most important gift that yoga gives is a place to experience inner and outer silence for a little while.

Think about how yoga makes you feel, and project that onto a child who hasn’t necessarily had a lot of comfort in his or her life. Yoga matters.

This is why many leaders are working to provide yoga asana and meditation practices to youth on a larger scale. Through your purchase of our products, you’re helping with that mission. 10% of your purchase will go directly to fund yoga for youth through our partnerships with on-the-ground organizations.

Here are a few of the profound benefits yoga brings to youth:

Higher self-confidence
Healthier coping mechanisms
Help dealing with stress
Better school engagement

Together, we can make a difference.


Interested in learning more about the positive affects yoga has on youth? Read on:

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