Elevate You!

Healing Crystal Kit

$ 49.00

This kit was created with the sole purpose to Elevate You---mind, body and spirit!  Each sparkling gem was hand curated to evoke in you the feelings of: 

clarity + purpose + contentment + enoughness + commitment to self + self-inquiry + devotion to the divine within you

Arrange these stones on your meditation altar or hold them in your hands while you meditate with the specific intention to love and nurture yourself.  These crystals are designed to support and enhance the niyamas, which are self-care practices based in the yoga philosophy known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

Selenitepromotes clarity and purity, the intention of the 1st niyama, saucha or purity.

Labradorite helps you to see things as they truly are, including yourself as being whole as you are now.  This is the practice of the 2nd niyama, santosha or contentment and enoughness.

Pyrite known for productivity and action, it’s the fire in the belly that will keep you motivated just as is practiced in the 3rd niyama, tapas or discipline and commitment.

Lapis Lazulithe stone of self awareness and authenticity.  It empowers you to venture into self-inquiry in order to make positive changes to your life.  The 4th niyama, svadhyaya is the practice of self-refection.

Celestitethis sparking gem guides you to trust your intuition.  Ishvara pranidhana, the 5th niyama, is devotion to the divine in you, the universe or what belief you are drawn to.

Each crystal is unique is size and color and range from 1' to 2-1/2” long.  Crystals in raw form may flake.

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