Embody Love!

Healing Crystal Kit

$ 35.00

The heart of the yoga teachings is to embody love!  Cultivate love of self, others and all of life with the transformative powers of these healing crystals specially curated to vibrationally match the energies of:

compassion + love + honesty + abundance + respect + generosity

Sprinkle these gemstones throughout your home to remind you of these qualities you wish to embody or try this Embody Love Meditation Ritual.  These crystals are designed to support the 5 practices of the yamas, the 1st limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga which are ethical guidelines for how to treat others.

Rose Quartz known for opening our hearts to new levels of love and compassion and is regarded as one of the most nurturing crystals.   Love and compassion are the practices of the 1st yama, ahimsā or not harming.  Ahimsā asks that we start from a place of love and compassion to ourselves, others and our planet. 

Amazonitethis stone helps us speak our truth with compassion.  This is a perfect match for the 2nd yama, satya which encourages the exact practice: to be honest in a way that will cause the least amount of harm as possible (ahimsā).

Yellow Citrinecultivates abundance, promotes generosity, and releases feelings of lack making this a powerful tool to use when practicing the 3rd yama, asteya or not stealing and seeing that your life is already full.

Red Garnetis about generating passion, but in a grounding manner so one feels safe and full of integrity.  Bramacharya, the 4th yama, is about the wise use of sexual energy.

Amethystempowers balance and moderation and frees us from unhealthy attachments.  The 5th yama, aparigrahā, is the practice of non-possessiveness.  It guides us to shift our greed to generosity.

Each crystal is unique is size and color and range from 1/2 to 1-1/2” long.  Crystals in raw form may flake.

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