Patañjali’s ancient text the Yoga Sūtras is our inspiration at OM Matters. This text was written around 250 B.C.E. in Sanskrit, and is known as the very foundation of yoga practice in the East and West. Although there are many translations and interpretations of “The Sūtras,” most scholars agree that yoga means “to yoke” and sutra is “a thread.” The Yoga Sūtras is a thread of beautiful verses that outline the key tenets of yoga.

While the Yoga Sūtras evolved from foundations of Hinduism, it is not a religious text, but simply offers suggestions on how we can live our lives in peace and happiness.

What inspires us about this philosophy is that it:

  • Leads us to the understanding that everything is interconnected, and encourages us to be mindful of all our actions, because our actions do matter.
  • Challenges us to experience each of the philosophies and practices ourselves, to trust our own experiences and how practicing yoga makes us feel versus what someone else may be teaching—even Patañjali.
  • Gives us the 8 Limbs of Yoga, a roadmap and tools to guide us in our journey to live a more soulful and meaningful life.