OM is a Sanskrit word at the very heart of yoga. Depending on who you ask, it is the seed of creation, the sound of the universe, the mother of all mantras. For us, OM represents a way of life that brings awareness to the fact that everything is interconnected: WE ARE ONE.

At OM Matters, we are passionate about inspiring people to bring mindfulness into their every day. Through our yoga practice cards, meditation candles and clothing, we endorse positive spirituality and self-care built on the timeless tenets of yogic tradition, which don’t just encourage us all to be healthier and happier, but to have a conscious awareness that every action we take matters.

And we practice what we preach. As much as we love yoga and mindfulness, we’re even more passionate about helping at-risk youth. We give a healthy 10 percent of proceeds from our eco-friendly yoga products to sponsor yoga for at-risk youth.

Our intent is to create a business that exemplifies the philosophies of yoga beyond āsana. We spend every day thinking of new ways we can live in this manner and share it with you.