For every purchase made on our site, we donate a full 10 percent to fund yoga for at-risk youth. We do this by developing relationships with non-profit organizations that specialize in serving youth and their families, as well as yoga groups with expert teachers passionate about making a difference. We are always looking to grow our Give-Back Partner family. Please reach out to us if you would like to join our team:


Here are a few of our featured Give-Back Partners:


San Diego Youth Services (SDYS) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that has helped to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of homeless, runaway, abused, and at-risk youth and their families. Launched in 1970, when volunteers established one of the first runaway youth shelters in America, SDYS now provides intensive services to more than 13,000 children and their families each year.

This nationally recognized agency offers emergency services, safe places to live, and long-term solutions for kids “on their own” by providing shelters, group homes, foster homes, community centers, and transitional housing. Professional help for high-risk youth is provided at all 14 major locations in San Diego County.


The Hale Foundation was created by a group of teachers, performers, entrepreneurs, and artists in order to make sure that all kids in San Diego would have the ability to experience the benefits of strong physical and mental health practices. They bring expert teachers to kids in under-served neighborhoods and offer them the opportunity to learn about healthy habits.

The Hale Foundation teachers specialize in yoga, martial arts, creative arts, journaling, and leadership. They are passionate about their work and have created custom-themed curriculum to ensure that their youth participants get the full experience of a complete and well thought-out program. The Hale Foundation exists in order to prepare kids to be their best in real-life situations.


Farm to Yoga was founded by Abby Paloma, whose vision is to create opportunities for people to remember what is sacred. As a yoga teacher, farmer, and local food activist, Abby focuses on connecting people to the sources of their nourishment: their food and breath. In particular, Abby works to unite yoga communities with their local farmers and farmers with their local yogis.



OG Yoga 

OG Yoga was founded to provide the many healing benefits of the 5,000 year-old science and art of yoga to San Diego’s most vulnerable communities. OG Yoga teaches students to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress and think before reacting – tools necessary to live in today’s fast-paced world. They help students become active participants in the health and wellness of their schools and communities and be empowered to lead healthy, happy and productive lives.