We were thrilled to have Mandy Burstein and Sarah Clark be our first OM Matters Muses.  They were selected because they both embody (in their own unique and beautiful ways) the qualities of the mission of OM Matters which is to encourage Compassion: to ourselves, to at-risk youth and to our planet.  They are inspiring teachers on and off the mat and we are honored to have them as part of the OM Matters family.

Mandy Burstein is a yoga instructor, event planner, and writer based in La Jolla, California. Through yoga and writing, she passionately empowers people to become   the best version of themselves.  Mandy also loves working with children and teens.  She regularly teaches yoga classes for teens and volunteers and fund raises for Corazon de Vida Foundation, which oversees 12 orphanages in  Baja, Mexico.    We are so proud of her and her team for raising over $200,000 in 2015 for this orphanage.

We are especially excited to share that Mandy was 6 months pregnant when she modeled our designs.  While you can’t tell she’s pregnant in any of the photos, our photographer was able to capture one beautiful shot of her and her growing belly.  We can’t wait to meet the little mermaid (that’s the baby’s nickname) in July 2016!



Sarah Clark is a yoga and meditation instructor smitten by the many dimensions of a whole yoga practice, from ethics to asana to seated meditation.  Practicing for over 15 years she has developed a well-rounded teacher training course that incorporates the 8 limbs of yoga.  Because of her commitment to her own personal growth and education, Sarah is always giving her students more in-depth teachings of yoga and Buddhism.   Aside from her knowledge of these teachings her genuine enthusiasm inspires her students to embody these practices wholeheartedly. 

In her “spare” time she is a professional dancer and yoga instructor for our yoga events for at-risk youth. 


It means so much to have both of these beautiful, strong and compassionate women a part of OM Matters!  They both have inspired and supported me in many ways on this journey---THANK YOU! --- OM Matters Founder, Tambra Wayne