OM Meditation Candle

$ 34.00

This tranquil orange blossom scented candle is created to support your meditation practice.  In Patañjali’s ancient text, the Yoga Sūtra, lies the 8-fold path known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  Dhāranā is the 6th limb and is the practice of fixed concentration.  The goal of dhāranā is to still the mind both in meditation and your life.  One way to do this is to focus your concentration on this candle during meditation.  Light the candle and place it a foot or so in front of you.  Sit comfortably and soften your gaze on the flame while directing your attention to your breath. This practice will help calm your mind during your meditation and also create calm in your life. 

 This candle is made mindfully here in the USA using orange blossom essential oils and all natural products. 

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Click here for creative ways to reuse the candle holder after the candle has burned to the bottom!
DHĀRANĀ Meditation and Yoga Candle | OM Matters