Cultivate Compassion

Eco-Friendly Yoga Shirt

$ 35.00

Promote your passion for compassion in our ahimsā-inspired long sleeve yoga shirt. In yoga, ahimsā directs us toward non-harming: the true foundation of the yoga practice. We avoid doing harm not only to others—including animals, plants, and non-living entities—but to ourselves.  

We cultivate compassion.
We contribute 10% of your purchase to fund yoga for at-risk youth.  Together we can make a difference!

Plus our yoga shirts are made with compassion to the environment:
Eco-Hybrid 100% natural and synthetic-free fabric that is a blend of cotton and 100% biodegradable eco-friendly Lenzing Modal made from sustainable beech tree.

Made in Los Angeles.  

Model is 5'2" wearing a size small. View size chart.